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Hail Damage

With minor hail or dent damage and todays new lightweight direct to aluminum fillers are excellent way to fix wings and fuselage dents and are used by many shops as a cost effective alternative to skin replacement. Our dedicate team of specialist has been fixing these issues for years with great results.

Corrosion Damage

An aircraft, like any metal object, is inherently prone to corrosion. There is a lot of time spent painting an aircraft to help delay corrosion, but inevitably, nature will prevail. Removing corrosion is the only sure fix once it’s found. Light surface corrosion can be removed with abrasion (the specifics of which depend on the metallurgy of the corroded part), then application of a corrosion inhibitor, such as zinc-chromate primer, another primer, and then paint. If corrosion is severe enough to have removed a significant amount of metal, replacement of the part is usually the only solution.

Metal Cracks & Runs

The first step in any repair process is assessing the damage to determine whether it's simple or major. Minor damage to a sheet metal structure includes missing or damaged rivets, scratches or small dents, a small crack, and a corroded sheet metal surface. Damage that exceeds the scope of these items is, in most cases, major and can be taken care of by our team of specialist.

Impact Damage

We have specialist that have extensive training and years of time in the art of aviation metal bending for repairing leading edges and bent doors and things.

Flight Control Re-Surfacing

We have several shops that we work with that do re-skinning of aircraft parts and even offer exchange out for the same part to get you going faster when they have them in stock. They are cost effective too.

And All General Repairs Too

And for all the things not listed, we can cover that too. We have over the years formed a team of on-call specialist for each of the specific types of aircraft needs.

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