Creative Design

Our craftsmen can custom cover your interior to your specifications giving you exactly what you want in color, form, and cushion.


We use only quality materials form reputable vendors that meet the FAR 25.853 12-second vertical burn test requirements. Make sure that you get your Certifications; there are a few “cheap” people in Alabama that will sign off your log book as correct but are buying automotive materials!!!


Don’t forget, seatbelts have a limited life and we can replace and re-web with our certified vendor with tags and all.

Wood Work

We work with a high end cabinet shop to produce the finest new and repaired wood work interiors.


We use only quality flooring materials that meet the FAR 25.853 and have a variety of materials and colors to choose from.

Interior Trim

Interior Trim can sometimes be re-paired and sometimes must be replaced. We have the experience, tools, and vendors to do both.

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